DNA #11207 A-1b


Vetting #11207 Group A set 1b to James Kincaid and Elizabeth Church
Researcher, Sally Standley, is granddaughter of Lola Mae Kincade Gibson
Participant is son of John Rufus Kincade and Geraldine Maley


John Rufus Kincade 1904-1994
James Perry Kincade 1880-1926
John Rufus Adams Kincade 1859-1903
James Perry Kincade 1828-1861/2
James Kincade c1795/7-c1861



Participant is son of John Rufus Kincade and Geraldine Maley

Proven by:

Obituary in Ohio newspaper the "Plain Dealer" Feb. 22, 1994 for John Rufus Kincade naming participant as son and Geraldine as wife.

Personal Knowledge: He is acknowledged by family as son of John Rufus Kincade. The family is large and have continued to keep in touch through generations. For many years a yearly fish fry and ice-cream social was held near Pocahontas, AR where the whole family gathered while Lola Mae and others shared family stories. Family photos of all generations back to James & Susan Runnion are identified and in the possession of the researcher.


John Rufus Kincade b 22 Jan 1904 Pocahontas, Randolph Co. AR d 21 Feb 1994 Lakewood, Ohio buried All Saints Cemetery, Lakeland, Ohio m Geraldine Maley

Son of James Perry Kincaid and Georgeann Hawkins

Proven by:

Ohio Death Certificate for John Rufus Kincade lists above birth date and place and wife Geraldine Maley. Lists parents as James Perry Kincaid and Georgeann Hawkins.

Probate Ct. Record #129 Randolph Co., Arkansas, Estate of Perry Kincaid, Administrator John Kincade.
"That Whereas, J. Perry Kincaid was killed by electricity, near Pocahontas, Arkansas on or about the 23rd day of July, 1926, leaving surviving him his widow Birdie Kincade, and two sons, and one daughter, Hulett Kincade and John Kincade, and Lola Gibson, nee Kincade;"

1910 Randolph Co., AR Census
Perry Kincade, 28 AR married 2nd/4 years ago
Birdie, wife 32
Hulit, son 10
Lola, dau. 8
John, son 6

Pocahontas Star Herald, March 16, 1906
p. 1 "The following marriage license was issued since our last issue:
J. P. Kincade to Mrs. Birdie Million"
p. 40 "Perry Kincade and Mrs. Birdie Million were married at the home of Rev. M.D. Bowers Sunday at 3 o'clock p.m."

Arkansas Bond and Marriage license issued to James P. Kincade and Georgia A. Hawkins April 1, 1899. Certificate of Marriage April 2, 1899. Certificate of Record April 24, 1899. Bond signed by John R. A. Kincade

Personal knowledge Lola Mae Kincade Gibson acknowledged John Rufus as her brother and participant as his son. Lola said her mother's name was George Ann Hawkins who died when her clothes caught fire when Lola was 3 years old. Lola is buried in the same grave plot as George Ann in the Sutton Cemetary. Lola's death certificate lists James Perry Kincade and Georgann Hawkins as her parents, informant was her daughter (mother of researcher). Researcher's 1st plane trip was with Grandma Lola to see "Uncle John, Aunt Gerry and the kids".


James Perry Kincade b 1880 d July 23, 1926 m 1st Georgia A. Hawkins April 2 1899, 2nd Birdie H. Carter Million

Son of John Rufus Adams Kincade and Mary Elizabeth Sutton

Proven by:

Arkansas Bond and Marriage License for John R. A. Kincade and Mary E. Sutton, March 19, 1880: Certificate of Marriage 21 March 1880: Certificate of Record 27 March 1880. Bond signed by David Million and John R.A. Kincade.

1900 Census Pocahontas, Randolph, Arkansas
John R. Kinsade 40 Ark
Mary E. 38
George D 16
Martha M 13
Marion T 10
Luke 8
Fred 3
Ed 1/12

1930 Roanoke twp, Randolph Co. AR Census
Mary E. Kincade 67 b AR parents b Tennessee, widow, married at 17
Hershel 9 grandson b AR parents b AR
Thomas S Sutton 55 brother b AR

Mary's obituary reads: Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Kincade, aged 84, lifetime resident of Pocahontas, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Earl Dawson, March 15. She was born March 18, 1863, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sutton. Her husband, John Kincade, preceded her in death several years ago. She was a member of the Free Will Baptist Church. Funeral services were conducted at Sutton church Sunday at 2:30 p.m., by the Revs. Ralph Staten and W. Harry Hunt. She is survived by four sons, Geo., Ed, Luke and Fred Kincade; her daughter and 37 grandchildren.

Personal knowledge: Lola Kincade Gibson told stories about staying with Grandma Mary Elizabeth Sutton Kincaid. It was passed down in the family that Mary E. found a cure that works well for colitis in babies. Researcher's mother also stayed with her grandma Mary E. Sutton Kincade as a child during summer months. Researcher personally knows as cousins a son of George David Kincade, a granddaughter of Ed Kincade, and Hershel Kincade, son of Fred Kincade among others. The children in the 1900 census above were identified as Aunts and Uncles by Lola Mae. George David Kincaid told his son about walking to Black Rock with his father who worked there fixing tug boats and barges. They lived near the Black River.

"Historical and Genealogical Abstracts from Randolph County Arkansas, Newspaper of 1903
Pocahontas Star Herald p. 42
"Perry Kincade and family visited his father in Black river bottoms Saturday night and Sunday"


John Rufus Adams Kincade b 4 Jan 1859 AR d 8 Dec 1903 Pocahontas, Randoph Co. AR m 21 Mar 1880 Mary Elizabeth Sutton b 1863 dau of James F and Anne Sutton

Son of James P. Kincaid and Susannah Runnion

Proven by:

1880 Census Randolph Co. AR
John Kingcad 21 AR parents b TN
Mary 17 AR parents b TN
(next door is James F. Sutton and Anne Sutton)

1870 Census Randolph Co. AR Demun twp Pocahontas post office
J. W. Collier 53 NC
Susannah 41 TN
V. Collier 6 TN (Victoria)
J.H. Kincaid 15 TN (note this should be G. H.)
Eliza Kincaid 12 TN
JOHN Kincaid 11 TN
W.H. Collier 12 TN
J.E. Collier 3 AR

Randolph Co. AR Marriage Record
James W. Collier to Susan Kingkade filed Nov 18, 1862. Marriage Record 27th day of Nov 1862. Certificate of Record 28th day of Nov 1862

Randolph Co. AR tax lists.
1854 J.P. Kincade listed but has no assessment.
1861 J.P. Kincade paid taxes on 120a
1862 Susan Kincade paid taxes on 120a. J.P. is not on list

1860 Census Randolph Co. AR Roanoke Twp Blacks Ferry post office
(Extra census info will be needed in next link. Placed here to keep 1860 AR census together in order to show locational relationship)
Robert J. Newsom 43 TN Mill Right
Elizabeth 22 TN
Jerome W 5 TN
Margaret 4 TN
James 3 TN
Amanda 1 TN

James Kinkade 38 TN carpenter
Susan 26 TN
Lucinda 9 TN
George H. 7 TN

James F(rank). Sutton 31 TN
Anne 28 TN
Lucile 8 TN
Wm A. 6 TN
George W 5 TN
Francis M 2 TN

1860 Lawrence Co. AR Census (borders Randolph Co. near Blackrock)
#873 (note Samuel is actually last name in #872 but 1st name in #873 is 5 yr old female with last name of previous family)
Samuel B Kincade 27 TN
Jane 39
Rufus 22 TN
Mary A 18
James R 7
William G 7
Elizabeth J 1

Samuel B Kincade married Jane Maxwell 22 Apr 1857 Lawrence Co. AR. No divorce record from Barbara (see below) has been found.
Samuel B Kinkade and Rufus A Kinkade enlisted in the Confederate army in Pocahontas, AR. Samuel died May 20, 1862. Probate records list his heirs as James R and William G Maxwell and Elizabeth J. Kinkade.
"Father and Mother of said minors are both deceased."

Letter written Oct 26, 1883 by "Nannie" Paddock of San Francisco to cousin "Ellen" in Arkansas. Nannie is Amanda Newsom above. Ellen is Lucinda Kincade Million, dau of Susan Runnion Kincade Collier. Nannie asks for news about the family including Aunt Susan, cousin Henry, cousin George Henry, cousin Johnny, "Vick" and Uncle Rufus. She mentions Mother, sister Margery, and brother Jerome. (Explanation of relationships for above)


James Perry b c1828 TN d 1861-2 Pocahontas, Randolph Co. AR m June 8, 1850 Lewis Co. TN Susannah Runnion dau of Thomas & Parthena Runnion.

Son of James Kincaid and Elizabeth Church

Marriage book Lewis Co. TN
James P. Kincaid and Susannah Runnion 8 June 1850 no return filed
Elizabeth A Kincaid and Robert Joe Newsom 17 Jan 1853
Samuel B Kincaid and Barbary Runnions 16 April 1853

Alexander Kincade sold 174+acres in Lewis Co.TN to Robert J. Newsom 14 July 1853. Property included a mill. No explanation of how 21 yr old Alexander acquired the property.
1850 Census Lewis Co. TN Civil Dist #5 August 29
James Kincade 53 cabinet maker KY
Elizabeth 45 TN
James P 22 cabinet maker TN
Alexander 18 cabinet maker TN
Samuel B 17 cabinet maker TN
Elizabeth A 15 TN
Rufus A 13 TN
Sarah P 11 TN
Rachel C 8 TN
Martha E 4 TN
William L (sic T). 1 TN

1850 Census Lewis Co. TN Civil Dist #3 Sept 1850
Thomas Runyan 74
Parthenia 50
Barbary 16
Nancy 7
Dorathy 3

Winny Runyan 26 F TN
John McHenry Runyan 2 TN
Susanah Runyan 17 TN
Lucinda Runyan 2/12 TN

In 1869 Winny Runyan signed a deposition presented in court that she had lived in Lewis Co. since it was formed "I have never been married. I have five children." Barbara Kincaid is called as witness and did not come in the same court case.

1860 Census Lewis Co. TN
Winney Runnions 36
Jane 17
John M 12
Thomas 10
Joseph 5
James P 3
Mary J 7/12
William A 7/12

Thomas Runnions 77
Parthena 60
Barbara 25
Sarah 12
Mary 9
John 8/12

James Kingkaid 65 TN (ditto mark runs down the page)
Elizabeth 58 TN
Rachel 18
Martha 16
Taylor 15
James C. 5

James C. Kincade and his mother Barbara Kincade are buried next to each other in Sheboss Cemetery, NW Maury Co. TN. According to this family Samuel disappeared and Barbara never found out what happened to him.


James Kincade b c 1795-1797 KY, TN or NC d c1861 Lewis Co. TN m 1822-25 TN Elizabeth Church dau. of Joshua and Priscilla Church.

Martha Eleandor Kincade (see 1850 Lewis Co. TN census for James Kincaid & Elizabeth)
Record of Deaths published in the Maury County Historical Society, republished in Historic Maury, 1987 included: Martha E. Pinion, white, female, widowed, b. 9 June 1845, d. 18 May 1927, aged 81-11-9; dau. of Jas. Kincaid and Elizabeth Church, both born North Carolina. Cause of death was ureamia. Inf. given by Mrs. Joe Dunn, Mt. Pleasant, burial Columbia.

Son of unknown