DNA #130629 A-3


Vetting: Doyle Eugene Kincaid to Thomas McDowell Kincaid
Researcher: Marcella Kincaid Campbell, sister


Doyle Eugene Kincaid
Solomon Kincaid 1889-1964
James Edgar Kincaid 1841-1918
Thomas McDowell Kincaid 1811-1875



Participant: Doyle Eugene Kincaid b. 7 February 1938 - Harrison Township, Clay County, IN

Son of: Solomon Kincaid and Pearl Edna Froderman

Proven by:

Indiana Birth Certificate listing Doyle Eugene as son of Solomon Kincaid and Pearl Froderman

Personal knowledge: I knew Solomon as our father and was acknowledged by family members as his daughter and Doyle as his son.


Solomon Kincaid b. 4 July 1889 in Jasper Co., IL d. 8 February 1964 in Clay Co., IN m. 5 September 1926 to Pearl Edna Froderman
Son of: James Edgar Kincaid and Harriet Ann Addy

Proven by:
IL Birth Certificate for Solomon Kincaid listing James Edgar Kincaid and Harriet Addy as his parents Bible Record - Personal possession of Bible ("International Series" containing Old and New Testaments published by The John C. Winston Co.) Information recorded in Bible as follows: J.E. Kincaid of Clay Co. IN and Harriet A. Addy of Clay Co., IN were by me united in Matrimony according to the ordinance of GOD and the laws of Indiana at Bowling Green on the (5) fifth day of March in the year of our Lord 1868. Signed by George Beamer Witnessed by: Livona Kincaid, Mary Funk and Casius Funk. [NOTE: Livonia Kincaid was a sister to J.E. Kincaid (see 1850 census for Thomas Kincaid) and Mary Funk was a twin sister to Harriet Addy. Casius Funk was the husband of Mary Funk] Other records in Bible list the Marriages of the children, including Solomon on September 5, 1926, Children's Names, including Solomon Kincaid born on 4 July 1889 along with a twin brother who died unnamed. Deaths listed were Harriet Kincaid April 10th, 1898 and the unnamed Infant on August 18th, 1889. I was told that this Bible belonged to James Edgar and Harriet Kincaid and on the death of Margaret Booker (an older sister of Solomon) was passed down to my father, Solomon Kincaid.

Children listed in the Bible are:
Louie Kincaid Jan, 2nd. 1869 fe
Margaret L. Kincaid Feb. 19th, 1871 fe
William Kincaid Jan, 22nd, 1873 m
Catharine Kincaid Aug. 28th, 1875 fe
John Kincaid July 15th, 1878 m
Thomas Kincaid Mar. 14, 1881 m
Ira Kincaid Feb. 1st, 1884 m
Bertha Kincaid Sept. 23rd, 1886 fe
Solomon Kincaid July 4th, 1889 m
Infant, Kincaid July 4th, 1889 m

Marriage Application: Application for Marriage License -- Male - shows the following:

Solomon Kincaid , white, born in Jasper Co., Illinois on July 4th, 1889 and presently living at Center Point, IN working as a farmer whose father was J. E. Kincaid and his mother was Harriet Addy. Subscribed and sworn to before _____ McIntyre, Clerk Clay Circuit Court, on 4th day of September 1926. Information also included on Pearl E. Froderman, spouse. 1880 Census for South Muddy Township, Jasper Co., Illinois Schedule 1, Page 18, Enumeration Dist # 164
Dwelling # 159, Family # 164
Kincaid, James E 38 M Farmer Indiana KY KY
Kincaid, Harriet A 32 wife Hskp Ohio OH OH
Kincaid, Louie 11 dau IL IN OH
Kincaid, Margaret 9 dau IL IN OH
Kincaid, William 7 son IL IN OH
Kincaid, Sarah C 4 dau IL IN OH
Kincaid, John 2 son IL IN OH

1900 Census for South Muddy Township, Jasper Co., Illinois Sheet 11, Line 195
Kincade, James Dec 1841 58 Wd IN OH OH Farmer
Kincade, John July 1878 21 IL Farm laborer
Kincade, Thomas Mar 1881 19 IL Farm laborer
Kincade, Ira Feb 1884 16 IL Farm laborer
Kincade, Bertha Sept 1886 13 IL
Kincade, Solomon July 1889 10 IL
Metcalf, Charles W Feb 1873 27 IL IL IL Farm laborer married 6 yrs
Metcalf, Catherine Aug 1875 24 IL IN IN
{Note: Catherine Metcalf was an older sister of Solomon. Solomon was born in 1889 so does not show on 1880 census. Sarah "Catherine" married Charles Metcalf in Feb of 1894 and was living in the household with her father. See above.}


James Edgar Kincaid b. 2 December 1841 in Washington Township, Clay Co., IN d. 12 August 1918 in Richland Co., IL m. 5 March 1868 in Clay Co., IN Bk 2, pg 784 to Harriet Ann Addy

Son of: Thomas McDowell Kincaid & Martha Ann McNabb

Proven by:
1840 Clay Co., IN Census
Thomas M. Kincade 1 male 20-30 1 female under 5 1 female 20-30
1850 Clay Co., IN Census
Thomas M Kincaid age 34 KY
Martha age 34 KY
Livonia age 14 IN
Samuel L age 11 IN
James Edgar age 7 IN
Mary age 5 IN
Alvin 1/2 IN

. 1860 Clay Co. IN Census - Washington Township Dwelling house # 398, family number 375
Thomas M. Kincaid age 49 farmer Kentucky
Martha A. Kincaid age 44 weaver Kentucky
Livonia Kincaid age 22 weaver Indiana
Samuel L. Kincaid age 20 farm laborer Indiana
James E. Kincaid age 18 farm laborer Indiana
Eliza Kincaid age 16 spinster Indiana
Polly Kincaid age 14 Indiana
William N Kincaid age 7 Indiana
Nancy E. Kincaid age 4 Indiana
Henry L. Kincaid age 1 Indiana
1870 Clay Co. IN Census - Washington Township Dwelling house #132, family number 125
Kinkade, Thomas 59 farming Kentucky
Kinkade, Martha A 54 keeps house Kentucky
Kinkade, Samuel 31 farm laborer Indiana
Kinkade, William 17 Indiana
Kinkade, Elizabeth 14 Indiana
Kinkade, Henry L 11 Indiana
1880 Clay Co. IN Census - Washington Township
Dwelling house #114, family number 114
Kingcade, Martha 64 keeps house Kentucky
Kingcade, Samuel 40 farm hand Indiana

Dwelling house # 115, family # 115
Kingcade, Henry 21 farm hand Indiana
Kingcade, Alma A 21 keeps house Missouri
1900 Clay Co. IN Census - Washington Township Dwelling house #195, family #195
Huber, Frank Oct, 1849 IN PA PA head
Huber, Nancy E. Mar, 1856 IN KY KY wife
Huber, Norie A Jan, 1877 IN IN IN dau
Huber, Marthie Sep, 1878 IN IN IN dau
Huber, Moris (?) M Jun 1886 IN IN IN son (hard to read sic Lara Melton Huber)
Kincade, Martha Jan 1816 KY KY KY m-in-law
[NOTE: James and Harriet Kincaid moved to Jasper Co., Illinois soon after their marriage in 1868.]

Personal knowledge - Have no personal knowledge of any of the siblings of James E. Kincaid. The last one, Henry, died in 1949 and I had never met him. I have snapshots of Henry Kincaid with some of his descendants and my father, Solomon. My father acknowledged that Henry was his uncle. Lara (we called him Larry) Huber in the above 1900 census and my father, Solomon (went by Toby), were first cousins. I personally knew Larry and his wife, Eunice, as a child because we visited them often. (Marcella Kincaid Campbell)


Thomas McDowell Kincaid b. 27 February 1811 in KY d. 31 October 1875 in Washington Township, Clay Co., IN m. 18 August 1836 in Morgan Co., IN to Martha Ann McNabb b. 18 January 1816 in KY d. 4 June 1904 in Washington Township, Clay Co., IN

Son of: unknown

What is known:

1840 census for Washington Township, Clay Co, Indiana shows Thomas M. Kincade, 1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30, 1 female under 5, 1 female 20-30. Tombstone inscriptions in Mt Zion Cemetery, Washington Township, Clay Co., Indiana show Thomas M. Kincaid Born February 12, 1811 Died October 31, 1875 and Martha A. Kincaid Born January 18, 1816 Died June 4, 1904 NOTE: I have photos of these stones.( Marcella Kincaid Campbell) (Marriage Records of Morgan County, Indiana, Book A, page 305 (1822-1842) W.R. Stevens, Clerk and Signed by A McNabb AJ states the following: Thomas Kincade to Martha Ann McNabb August 18, 1836

Thomas Kincaid entered land 4 September 1837 in Washington Township, Clay Co., IN E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec. 28 Township 11 North of Range 5 West He lived there until his death in 1875. This property was in the family for a number of years later, because it was purchased/inherited by the daughter, Nancy. She and her husband, John Franklin Huber lived there for a number of years. [I have not checked land records yet on the succession of this property.]

NOTE: An Archibald Tousley Kincaid entered land 7 October 1837 in Washington Township, Clay co., Indiana W 1/2 NE 1/4 Section 17 Township 11 North of Range 5 West. Cenuse record for 1850 shows Archibald Kincaid, age 32, b. in Ohio and wife, Sarah, age 22, b. in IN, in Washington Township, Clay Co., IN with Margaret Bradshaw, age 64, b. PA, Nancy Kincaid, age 34, b. KY and Nelson Kincaid, age 22 b. IN

This property is very near the property of Thomas Kincaid and Archibald could possibly be his brother. I have a copy of a letter addressed to Thomas Kincaid and family, dated April the th5 1855 from Nancy Ann Kincaid. She begins by saying "Dear brother and sister". There is no indication of where this originated. She requests that Thomas shear her "few sheep" and that Livonia (oldest daughter of Thomas and Martha) to spin and weave it for her. I have a copy of another letter dated February th18 1849 from Philip McNabb of Mooresville, Morgan Co., IN to Thomas and Marthy Kincaid. He addressed them as "Dear and mutch respected Uncle and Aunt". I have some McNabb information which leads me to believe that Martha Ann McNabb was the daughter of James Edgar McNabb and Polly Coryell who came to Morgan Co. in the mid 1830's from Montgomery Co., KY. I can prove that this Phillip McNabb (who was a doctor) was the grandson of James Edgar McNabb. Also, Thomas and Martha named their second son (my grandfather) James Edgar Kincaid . Their first son was named Samuel.

The 1860 census for Washington Township, Clay Co, IN shows Nancy L. Kincaid, 48, weaver b. KY living with the Martin Crows (Crouse) family. There is a 4 year discrepancy in the age of the Nancy with Archibald and this Nancy, but still could be the same person.

The children of Thomas McDowell Kincaid and Martha Ann McNabb were:
1. Livonia Kincaid b. 2 February 1837, Clay Co., IN d. 27 November 1924, Clay Co., IN m. Michael Huber 12 December 1869 in Clay Co., IN Bk 3, pg 31
2. Samuel L. Kincaid b. 25 September 1839 in Clay Co., IN d. 16 October 1911 in Clay Co., IN Unmarried - Served in Civil War
3. James Edgar Kincaid b. 2 December 1841 in Clay Co., IN d. 12 August 1918 in Richland Co., IL m. Harriet Ann Cain or Addy (family used both surnames) 5 March 1868 in Clay Co., IN Bk 2 pg 784 Served in Civil War
4. Eliza Kincaid b. 19 November 1843 in Clay Co., IN d. 32 March 1924 in Clay Co. (or possibly Owen Co.) IN m. Charles P. Chambers 19 August 1860 in Clay Co., IN Bk 1, pg 522
5. Mary "Polly" Kincaid b. 12 April 1846 in Clay Co., IN d. 14 October 1927 in Niota, TN m. Abner T. Perry Ray 15 March 1864 in Clay Co., IN Bk 2 pg 149
6. Alvin M. Kincaid b. 15 February 1850 in Clay Co., IN d. 9 October 1851 (probably in Clay Co., IN)
7. William Nelson Kincaid b. 15 March 1853 in Clay Co., IN d. 5 July 1942 (probably in Cumberland Co., IL) m. Johanna Elizabeth Staley in Clay Co., IN Bk 4 pg 83
8. Nancy Elizabeth Kincaid b. 27 March 1856 in Clay Co., IN d. 24 January 1935 in Clay Co., IN m. John Franklin Huber 26 March 1847 in Clay Co., IN Bk 3 pg 504
9. Henry Lewis Kincaid b. 16 September 1858 in Clay Co., IN d. 22 November 1949 in Blackford Co., IN m. Alma Alice Cravens 24 April 1879 in Owen County, IN