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Posted: Nov 14, 2010
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Martyn Kincaid
DNA #186057
Researcher : Lesley Sharon Cains, mother of Martyn Stuart Kincaid and ex wife of Alan John Kincaid


Martin Stuart Kincaid living
Alan John Kincaid living
Bertram Langley Kincaid 1930-living
Arthur Charles Nelson Kincaid 19-2-1922
Charles Langley Kincaid 1859-1930
Thomas William Kincaid 1823-1903
Charles Kincaid 1791-1866
John Kincaid 1762-1794
Thomas Kincaid 1731-?



Martyn Stuart Kincaid 'Living' b.1987, Lilydale, Victoria Australia not married.

Son of Alan John Kincaid & Lesley Sharon Cains

Proven by;

Australian birth certificate (original available) for Martyn Stuart Kincaid;
parents listed as Alan John Kincaid and Lesley Sharon Kincaid nee Cains.

Personal knowledge; I know my son is the son of Alan John Kincaid.


Alan John Kincaid 'Living" b.1957 Carlton Victoria Australia m Lesley Sharon Cains in 1986 at Numurkah Victoria Australia (certificate available).

Son of Bertram Langley Kincaid and Dorothy Dawn Nash.

Proven by;

Australian birth certificate for Alan John Kincaid listing parents as Bertram Langley Kincaid and Dorothy Dawn Nash.

Personal knowledge; I personally know the parents and siblings of Alan John Kincaid all of whom acknowledge him as the son of Bertram Langley Kincaid.

The parents and 3 of the 4 siblings of Alan John Kincaid are all still living.

The siblings of Alan John Kincaid are Robert Charles Kincaid, Karen Eileen Kincaid, Helen Jean Kincaid and Heather Kincaid (1963-1963).


Bertrum Langley Kincaid 'Living' b.1930 Daylesford, Victoria Australia m Dorothy Dawn Nash 16 October 1955 Camberwell Victoria Australia.

Son of Arthur Charles Nelson Kincaid and Sarah Rita Waters (both deceased).

Proven by;

Australian birth certificate for Bertram Langley Kincaid listing his parents as Arthur Charles Nelson Kincaid and Sarah Rita Waters, as confirmed by Bertram Langley Kincaid who resides in Victoria Australia.

Australian death certificate's (copies available) for Arthur Charles Nelson Kincaid and Sarah Rita Kincaid (nee Waters) listing Bertram Langley Kincaid as their son, and also Bertram's siblings John (dec'd), Eileen (dec'd), Valma and Arthur David.

Australian Electoral Roll records 1954 showing Bertram Langley Kincaid living at the home of Arthur Charles Nelson Kincaid and Sarah Rita Kincaid with his siblings Arthur and John.

Springvale Victoria Australia crematorium records for Arthur Charles Nelson Kincaid and Sarah Rita Kincaid. Website look up; Springvale Botanical Cemetery

Personal knowledge; I personally knew both parents of Bertram Langley Kincaid and attended their funeral services. I personally knew both Valma Jean Kincaid and Arthur David Kincaid (both now deceased) siblings of Bertram Langley Kincaid. The family also told me of Eileen Hilda Kincaid, sister of Bertram Langley Kincaid who married William St Dennis and migrated to the United States, her social security death index ssn 037-20-3410 Rhode Island date of death August 1976, and California passenger & Crew list showing Eileen St Denis & William St Denis arriving in California 12 Sep 1946, with Eileen on an Australian passport with notation of her maiden name confirms what the family have related to me. Alan John Kincaid also told of Bertram's deceased brother John Charles Kincaid who died alone following an accident in his home in 1978 as proven by his obituary and Springvale Crematorium records.


Arthur Charles Nelson Kincaid b. 7 January 1902 Daylesford Victoria Australia m Sarah Rita Waters 24 March 1922 Mildura Victoria Australia (certificate available).

Son of Charles Langley Kincaid and Elizabeth Nelson.

Proven by;

Australian birth record #2384 (copy available) for Arthur Charles Nelson Kincaid DOB as 7 January 1902 listing his parents as Charles Kincaid (a Miner aged 42) and Elizabeth Kincaid, formerly Nelson (aged 42) living at Eganstown Victoria, who were married 13 April 1891. Siblings shown on the certificate are Grace Cowling Kincaid, Alice Kincaid, Eliza Kincaid, Clarice Kincaid and Helena Kincaid (dec'd).

Australian marriage record #558 (copy available) for Arthur Charles Nelson Kincaid and Sarah Rita Waters married on 24 March 1922 at St Margaret's Vicarage Mildura, listing Arthur's father as Charles Langley Kincaid, a Miner as his father and Elizabeth Nelson as his mother.

Australian death record #12575/83 (copy available) for Arthur Charles Nelson Kincaid date of death 6 June 1983 at Heatherton Victoria Australia, retired aged 81 years and born in Daylesford Victoria. Fathers name showing as Charles Kincaid and mother as Elizabeth Kincaid (maiden name Nelson), certified by his wife Sarah (known as Rita) Kincaid. This certificate also shows Arthur was 20 years old when he married Sarah Rita Waters in Mildura and that he was still married at the time of his death, children listed as Arthur aged 61 yrs, Valma aged 59 yrs, Eileen (deceased), John (deceased), Bertram aged 53 years.

Australian Electoral Roll's for the years 1924, 1931, 1936, 1937 and 1949 detailing his address and family members (available to view on

An on-line Australian newspaper Archive record detailing the death of his sister Clarice Leona Kincaid and recording that her body was identified by her brother Arthur Charles Nelson Kincaid reads; "Found dead in the bush, died from exposure, exhaustion and natural causes (refer to inquest & newpaper articles), VPRS 24/P Unit 1031 File 92 Clarice Leona Kincaid died on or about 28 Dec 1922 from exhaustion during the first stages of labour. Body identified by brother - Arthur Charles Nelson Kincaid (stonemason) residing at Victoria park Daylesford. Arthur Angove aged 16 from Daylesord was one of those that found her along with Frank Stevens and James Langdon who were bird nesting on Angus Hill, on the Cornish Reef". (ref; Australian Newspaper).

Springvale Victoria Crematorium records showing that he was cremated 8 June 1983.

Personal knowledge; I personally knew Arthur Charles Nelson Kincaid and visited his home with Alan John Kincaid, I also attended his funeral service. I identified the address' given in the Australian Electoral Roll's from my visits to his home, and the earlier address' from when I took Sarah Rita Kincaid back To Daylesford and she showed me her old home. Sarah Rita Kincaid also took me to her own parents' grave, explaining that Arthur Charles Nelson Kincaid was a stonemason by trade and made her parents tombstone and many others in the Kyneton & Daylesford area. Sarah told me they had named their son Bertram Langley Kincaid after Arthur's father Charles Langley Kincaid.


Charles Langley Kincaid b.21 Apr 1859 Mt Egerton Victoria Australia m Elizabeth Nelson 30 April 1891 Daylesford Victoria (certificate available).

Son of Thomas William Kincaid and Eliza Rae.

Proven by;

Australian birth record #154 (copy available) for Charles Langley Kincaid DOB as 21 April 1859 at Mount Egerton Victoria, details show father as Thomas William Kincaid a Miner in aged 36 years and born Cape of Good Hope, marriage details on this record for Thomas William Kincaid given as "1845 Stepney London", other children "Thomas Kincaid and Alconda Degney Kincaid". Mother as Eliza Kincaid formerly Rae, aged 31 years from Waterford Ireland and signed by Thomas William Kincaid, father.

Australian marriage record #4032 (copy available) for Charles Langley Kincaid and Eliza Nelson 30 April 1891 at the Bible Christian parsonage Daylesford. This record details Charles aged as 32 years as son of Thomas William Kincaid a Miner, and Elizabeth Rae.

Australian death record #1813 (copy available) for Charles Langley Kincaid, a Miner died 28 May 1931 at the District Hospital Daylesford aged 72 years, his parents are given as Thomas William Kincaid and Elizabeth Kincaid formerly Rae. It shows Charles was buried on 30 May 1931 at Daylesford cemetery and that he was born in Eganstown and had lived in Victoria his whole life. His children are listed as Grace 39 years, Alice 38 years, Myrtle 35 years, Clarice (deceased) and Arthur 29 years.

Australian Electoral Roll's for the years 1914, 1924 and 1928 detailing his address and family members.

Obituary; (1) THE DAYLESFORD ADVOCATE Friday, May 29, 1931 FUNERAL NOTICE KINCAID -The friends of the late Mr. Charles Langley Kincaid are respectfully informed that his remains will be interred in the Dayiesford Cemetery TOMORROW (Saturday) May 30. The Funeral is appointed to leave the mortuary parlour of R. F. Verey at 1.30 pm. R. F. Verey, Funeral Director. Phone 245. (2) THE DAYLESFORD ADVOCATE Tuesday 2 June, 1931 OBITUARY CHARLES LANGLEY KINCAID The death occurred on Thursday morning last, of Mr Charles Langley Kincaid, after a long illness, at the age of 72 years. The late Mr. Kincaid was born in Eganstown district, and had resided in this locality all his life. For many years he was connected to the mining industry. Mrs. Kincaid and an adult family of three daughters and one son survive to mourn their loss, one daughter having predeceased Mr. Kincaid some years ago. The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon, and was largely attended. The casket was carried by Messrs. M. Dickson, W. Spear, W. Burnett (sons-in-law), C. Nelson (nephew), A. Dickson and J. Dickson. Rev. S. D. Yarrington conducted the service at the graveside, and the funeral arrangements were in the hands of Mr. R. F. Verey.

Grave; Grave C of E 4 C 6 In loving memory of Charles Langley Kincaid, Elizabeth Kincaid, and Grace Cowling Dickson died 18 Feb, 1982.

The personal knowledge of his grandson Bertram Langley Kincaid, who has confirmed the above for me.


Thomas William Kincaid b.2 August 1823 Cape of Good Hope, South Africa m (i) Elizabeth Catherine Barrett on 18 May 1845 Stepney London (certificate available). Elizabeth Catherine Barratt died 13 March 1850. This marriage produced one child, Thomas Hardie Kincaid b. 16 February 1849 (certificate available) Rotherhithe England and died 3 February 1929 at Rotherhithe London UK.

Thomas William Kincaid b.2 August 1823 Cape of Good Hope, South Africa m (ii) Eliza Rae on 16 Nov 1850 Victoria Australia

Son of Charles Kincaid and Hillegonda Sophia Row.

Proven by;

Beaufort West, South Africa Baptism register on microfilm number 5-39, "Child Thomas William born 2 August 1823, baptised 17 August 1823. Parents Charles Kincaid, Hilegonda [sic] Sophia Roow [sic]. Witnesses Joseph Cleaver, Susanna Frederica Roow [sic], Willem Roow[sic], Anna Roow[sic]". (photograph of document ordered from GISA and available November 2010).

Beaufort West South Africa Baptism record, born 2 August 1823, baptised 17 August 1823 as per the SA Genealogies by Lombard & Hesse, page 277 (this record purchased from GISA, Genealogy Institute of South Africa) and also provided by contact with Joy Roy (a descendant of Thomas William Kincaid and professional researcher), Heather McAllister and Tessa King (Administrators for

Details taken from the - UK Marriage record for Thomas William Kincaid (of full age, a Mariner Chief Officer - son of Charles Kincaid, a sadler) to Elizabeth Catherine Barratt (with consent of parents) on 18 May 1845 at St Thomas' Church Stepney UK, witnessed by William Brown & Sophia Barratt (copy available).

Taken from the - UK Birth record (copy available) of Thomas Hardie Kincaid 16 February 1849, father given as Thomas William Kincaid (Master Mariner) mother as Elizabeth Catherine Kincaid formerly Barratt.

Taken from the - Australian Death record #14665 (copy on available) 14 December 1903 at Leonards Hill Victoria Australia, Thomas William Kincaid aged 80 years. His father was recorded as John Kincaid, profession unknown, information on this record was detailed as being provided by his son John Rae Kincaid. He was buried on 16 December 1903 at Eganstown Public cemetery, and shows he had lived 50 years in Victoria. Place of birth given as Cape Town, Cape Colony South Africa, married to Eliza Rae (not living). The children of Thomas William Kincaid are listed as Charles 44 years, Janet 42 years, John 40 years, Margaret 38 years, Annie 36 years, Isabella 34 years, Eliza 32 years, Thomas William 30 years and Alconda (deceased).

The Australian birth records (copies available) for the Children of Thomas William Kincaid & Eliza Rae for Charles Langley 1859, John Rae 1863, Annie Eliza 1868, Elizabeth 1873, Thomas William 1875 all detailing the father and his place of birth as The cape of Good Hope.

The birth certificate's for Thomas William Kincaid's children; John Rae Kincaid in 1863 details Thomas William Kincaid & Eliza Rae married in Melbourne 1851. On Annie Eliza's record it details 'Melbourne', on Elizabeth's as 16 November 1850 and on Thomas' 1875 birth record as 26 November 1850.

Australian death record (copy available) for daughter Alconda Kincaid aged 14 years 27 May 1870 in Eganstown details her parents as Thomas William Kincaid and Eliza Kincaid, and that Alconda was born in Newstead, Melbourne Victoria Australia.

The Australian marriage certificate for daughter Janet Hardie Kincaid (copy available) 25 October 1887 shows her parents as Thomas William Kincaid and Eliza Kincaid nee Rae, on her death record in 1933 (copy available) her parents were given as John Kincaid (a Miner) and Eliza Kincaid formerly Rae as provided by S Brown, authorised agent

When youngest son Thomas William Kincaid died in 1959 at aged 84 his parents were listed as unknown.

Australian 1903 Electoral Roll showing Thomas William Kincaid living at Leonards Hill Victoria, occupation Miner. Australian Rate Books - Mt Franklin Victoria from 1872 - 1902

Australian Newspaper Archive - Daylesford Advocate Thursday 17 December 1903 - The late Mr Kincaid; The remains of Mr T W Kincaid were interred in the Eganstown Public Cemetery yesterday. The funeral started from his late residence at Leonard's Hill and comprised of mourners in eight conveyances and seven horsemen. The bearers were Messers Kramer, Aldridge, McKidrew (2), Ladigus and Blackwell, Mr Taylor read the burial service. Messer's Verey Bros had charge of the mortuary arrangements.


Charles Kincaid b.3 May 1791 m (i) Hillegonda Sophia Row on 3 August 1818 Cape of Good Hope (Hillegonda born 1800, died 4 February 1831).

Charles Kincaid b.3 May 1791 m (ii) Christina Johanna Marian Sporkman, widow of John Herbert 12 October 1846 Cape of Good Hope (copy available).

Son of John Kincaid and Margaret Gaff

Proven by;

Scottish OPR record 487/0010 0356 (copy on available) detailing "John Kincaid and Margaret Gaff, their son named Charles was born 3 May 1791 and baptised 8 May, witness' Thomas Kincaid and John Gibb".

Website - Old Polmont Church (note - please note that not all details on this website are accurate eg Sir John Kincaid given as never married, he in fact married Louisa Frisbee a month before his death). refer Polmont Old Parish Church

From the list of passengers arriving in South Africa on board the Ship 'The Brilliant' in 1817, Charles Kincaid was part of a group of Scottish Artisans organised by Benjamin Moodie.

From the Book - British Residents at the Cape 1795-1819, by David Phillip page 222, in part reads - "Kincaid, Charles, saddler single arrived 4 June 1817 Table Bay, in Brilliant ex Downs under Moodies direction. 2 August 1817 has commenced business (saddle, cap and harness maker). 3 August 1818 marriage of CK of Falkirk, Stirling aged 27 to Hillegonda Sophia d,o, Robt. Row aged 18. 6 June 1819 baptised their son John Robert. 18 March 1821 baptised of their son Charles Langley".

From the National Archives of South Africa - in 1818 'memorials received, Charles Kincaid requesting permission to remain in the Colony.

From the National Archives of South Africa - Charles Kincaid aged 27, birthplace Falkirk Stirling married at The English Church to Hillegonda Sophia Row aged 18 born at The Cape on 3 August 1818 as published in The Capetown Gazette.

Marriage certificate (copy available) Charles Kincaid (widower, occupation Sadler) married in Paarl South Africa to Christina Johanna Maria Sporkman (widow).

Death certificate #2505 (copy available) Charles Kincaid born in Scotland, married died on 5 March 1866. Lists the children of his 2nds wife's previous marriage and John Robert Kincaid as son with Hillegonda Sophia.

From the National Archives of South Africa - Charles Kincaid will filed 1866.

From the South African Commercial Advisor - (1) 1826, a daughter of Mr C Kincaid baptised Jessy, (2) 1829 a son of Mr Charles Kincaid baptised Alexander Row, (3) 1831 February 4, Sophia Kincaid wife of Mr C Kincaid died aged 30 years and 6 months.

Reference; book - "This I'll Defend, The Story of the Kincaid's by Bill Kincaid"

Reference; pamphlet obtained in full from The National Archives of South Africa "The Kincaid Family in South Africa" by JJ Scheepers and confirmed by Leonard Kincaid who resides in South Africa son of Joy Scheepers & Donald Kincaid descendants of John Robert Kincaid b.1819 at the Cape of Good Hope.


John Kincaid b.10 June 1762 Polmont Stirlingshire Scotland m Margaret Gaff (marriage on OPR's shows 20 Nov 1784 Bothkennar & 16 Dec 1784 as the Proclamation Polmont for both parties)

Son of Thomas Kincaid and Elizabeth Chiesly (Cheesley)

Proven by;

Scottish OPR Baptism record 487/0010 0084 13 June 1762, "Thomas Kincaid & Elizabeth Chiesly their son named John was born 10 June and baptised 13 June, witness' Alexander and Robert Kincaid and John Clark". (Copy Available)

Scottish OPR marriage record 473/000010/0260 20th November 1784 marriage bans, naming John Kincaid if Dalbeath. "(copy available).

Falkirk Churchyard Grave 184, John Kincaid death 11 February 1794 aged 33 years.

Reference; book - Mitchell, John Fowler. Monumental inscriptions (pre 1855) in East Stirlingshire. Edinburgh: Scottish Genealogy Society, 1972]. "John Kincaid, 1st son of Thos Kincaid & Eliz Chislie, age 33, at Carronflats on 11 February 1794; John's wife, Margt Gaff, age 85, on 5 February 1844; John's 1st son, Thos Kincaid, age 63, at Glasgow on 31 December 1848; John's youngest son, Alex Kincaid, age 17, having drowned by shipwreck on coast of Durham on 27 January 1806; John's 2nd son, John Kincaid, 76, at Hastings on 23 April 1862, (having entered the army in 1809 & served throughout the Peninsular war with Rifle Brigade, knighted 1852, senior exon of HM Royal Bodyguard & for many years government inspector of prisons & factories for Scotland); John's (Margt Gaff) only daughter, Margt Kincaid, age 71, widow of the late Peter Hardie, merchant in Leith, on 6 October 1863; and John's 3rd son, Charles Kincaid, age 73, at Pearl Cape of Good Hope on 5 March 1866" (Note - Information provided by both Peter A Kincaid, Canada and also Ann Taylor, nee Kincaid England UK and confirmed verbally that this Book available from the National Library of Australia, Canberra Australia, copies of relevant extracts pending).

Reference; made available courtesy of Peter A Kincaid, Canada. "John Kincaid, son of Thomas Kincaid, farmer, Newlands, as heir to Alexander Chiesly, Tenant, Newlands, his grandfather, seised, Oct. 18. 1788, -in part of Bothkennar called Dalbeith, with Ferry Boat & fishing in Carron, & Teinds, par. Bothkennar; -on Pr. Chan. Oct. 7. 1788. P.R. 30. 184. [Abridgement of Sasines, Stirling, 1781-1820, vol. 1, no. 1394. Registered 20 October 1788]".

"John Kincaid of Dalbaith, as heir to Elizabeth Chiesly, his mother, seised, Oct. 18. 1788, -in part of Bothkennar called Dalbaith, with Ferry Boat, and Fishing in Carron, par. Bothkennar; -on Pr. Cl. Con. by himself, Oct. 18. 1788. P.R. 30.185. [Abridgement of Sasines, Stirling, 1781-1820, vol. 1, no. 1395. Registered 20 October 1788]".

"John Kincaid of Dalbaith, gets Resig. ad Rem. Oct. 18. 1788, -of part of Bothkennar called Dalbaith, with Ferry Boat, & Fishing in Carron, par. Bothkennar; -on Proc. resig. by himself, Oct. 18. 1788. P.R. 30. 186. [Abridgement of Sasines, Stirling, 1781-1820, vol. 1, no. 1396. Registered 20 October 1788]".

"The Trustees of John Kincaid of Dalbaith, seised, Mar. 22. 1800, -in an Oxengate of land of Bothkennar called Dalbaith with the Ferry Boat and part of the fishing of the Water of Carron, and Teinds; (&2 Oxengates of land of the lands of Bothkennar in warrandice), par. Bothkennar; -under burden of £50 each to John, Alexander, and Charles Kincaid, and 500 Merks Scots to Margaret Kincaid, younger children of the said John Kincaid, &c; -on Disp. & Settlement by the said John Kincaid, & Margaret Gaff, his spouse, Sept. 6. 1793. P.R. 36.35. [Abridgement of Sasines, Stirling, 1781-1820, vol. 1, no. 3904. Registered 20 May 1800]".

Reference; book - "This I'll Defend, The Story of the Kincaid's by Bill Kincaid"

Reference; Book - "Adventures of The Rifle Brigade" by sibling Sir John Kincaid detailing his family, father John Kincaid.


Thomas Kincaid b. circa 1731 Falkirk Scotland m Elizabeth Chiesly 12 July 1761.

Son of (unknown - possible either of James Kincaid & Janet Simson, or John Kincaid & Jean Kincaid)

Proven by;

Marriage record - Scottish OPR Marriage Ban 479/00008 00237 10 July 1761 Falkirk, and Scottish OPR Marriage proclamation Polmont 487/00002 0016 (copies available) this record names Thomas Kincaid & Elizabeth Chielsy but neither of their parents.

OTHER RESOURCES record search for BDM records, Census returns, travel records, Australian Electoral Rolls. for South African research re BDM's, Wills and application to remain in the Colony.
Ancestry.Co.ZA to view & purchase South African death records.
Scotslands People ( record search for OPR records re BDM's, Census & Wills.
GISA (Genealogical Institute of South Africa) for South African family history records.
NAAIRS for South African records re BDM's, Wills and application to remain in the Colony etc.
Book - British Residents at The Cape 1795-1819 by David Phillip.
On-Line Book - Extracts of Marriages at The Cape of Good Hope 1806-1821.
On-Line Book - Extracts of Baptisms at The Cape of Good Hope 1806-1821 for UK contacts.
Springvale Crematorium Records for confirming Australian deaths.
The Australian National Archives.
The Australian National Library.
The Victorian Government Public Records Office.
The Victorian Registry of Birth, Deaths & Marriages.
The Daylesford Family History Society.
The Australian WW2 Nominal Roll.
The Kincaid family living in Australia.
Trove - Australian newspapers on line.
London newspaper archives on line.
Edinburgh newspaper archives on line.
The Genealogical Society of South Africa historical newspapers on line.

Note - Australia does not have census returns as these are not archived after the government has collated the data it requires.


John Kincaid & Margaret Gaff had 5 children;
Son Thomas, a Merchant baptised 30 October 1785, died 31 December 1848.
Married Isabella Balloch 17 January 1818 and produced 5 sons and 5 daughters per the OPR records. OPR & BDM records show that 4 of the sons died without marrying, and John living in Lancashire unmarried aged 60 yrs in 1881.
Son John Kincaid baptised 29 July 1787, died 23 April 1862. Married Louisa Frisbee 19 March 1862, no children.
Son Alexander christened 7 June 1789, died in a shipwreck 27 January 1806. Never married, no children.
Son Charles as detailed above in vetting.
Daughter Margaret christened 22 July 1795, died 6 October 1863. Married Peter Hardie 8 March 1811 and produced 4 sons and 1 daughter. Both her son's Thomas Kincaid Hardie and John Hardie travelled to Australia in search of gold. Thomas married Janet Hoyle in Victoria 1848, returning to the UK to 'live off his own means' as a 'retired Australian Squatter'. John married Elizabeth Hoyle in Victoria Australia 1841, this couple also returned to the UK.

Thomas Kincaid & Elizabeth Cheisly's son Alexander b.1764 married Jean Clark. This couple had 6 children, their son Thomas b.1796 was 'Captain Thomas Kincaid - Shipmaster' who married Ann Henderson.
Two of Thomas & Ann's sons died overseas - Alexander b.1839 died 1892 in Buenos Ayres and James b.1903 died in 1903 Patagonia Argentina. Their 2nd eldest of their son's , John George Kincaid born in 1840 founded J G Kincaid Shipping in Inverclyde. John G Kincaid married Margaret Grierson, their eldest son Thomas Lennox Kincaid b.1877 travelled to Australia settling in NSW. He married there in 1936 and died in December 1940, (His death certificate is available). His wife's son by her 1st marriage, Hilton Grenville Marcuso who had links to the notorious Kings Cross criminal underworld, took the Kincaid surname, and died in NSW Australia in 1975.

Hillegonda Sophia Row, wife of Charles Kincaid - was born at The Cape of Good Hope in 1800 and dies at aged 31 on 4 February 1831 as listed in the South African Commercial Adviser.
Hillegonda was the daughter of Englishman Robert Row and Helena Wilhelma Aspeling. Helena & Robert married at The Cape on 14 April 1800, she was the widow of Lambrecht Van der Woord and had two children by him (Johanna Louise and Jan Christian).
Helena and Robert had 3 other children;
Susannah Frederika Row 1802 - 1831. Susannah married Joseph Cleaver (soap manufacturer) in 1823 at Beaufort West and this couple were witness' to the marriage of Hillegonda & Charles Kincaid's son Thomas William Kincaid's baptism at the Dutch Reformed Church in Beaufort West August 1823. They had one child, a daughter Ann born in 1824 and died in 1825. Joseph Cleaver died in 1824.
Johanna Margaretha Row 1802-1848. Johanna married Samuel Mollett in 1834. Robert James Row 1809-1839.
Hillegonda's mother was Hillegonda Kotze also born at The Cape of Good Hope as was her mother before her. It was Hillegonda Rows Gr Gr grandparents that came to The Cape from Germany and The Nederland's, and her grandfather Erik Aspeling from Sweden.

Charles Kincaid & Hillegonda Row's 1st born son was John Robert Kincaid born 1819. He married Frances Dorothea Fison 10th July 1846, and this couple had six children;
Charles John Kincaid 5 Jan 1848
Thomas Henrik Herbert Kincaid 20 Apr 1851 - 29 June 1923 (married Sarah Maria Holmes, and had six children, see below)
Dorothea Christina Kincaid 11 Mar 1853 married Richard Walton
Alexander Frederick Kincaid 10 Apr 1855
Ellen Elizabeth Kincaid 18 Jan 1857
Elizabeth Harriette Kincaid 21 Mar 1860

Thomas Hendrik Herbert and Sarah Maria Holmes went on to have six children;
Gertrude Frances Kincaid 16 Jul 1884
Percy Frederick Kincaid 11 Nov 1886 - 22 May 1967 married (1) Alice Maud Poggenpoel, 2 children John b 15 May 1926 and Maud b 28 Sep 1914 (2) Iris Alexandria Morkel, one son Charles Morkel Kincaid b 22 Dec 1932. (Charles married Maria VanSchalkwyk and had 2 sons, John 15 Jan 1963 and Paul in 1965.
Leonard Thomas Kincaid 25 Jan 1888 - 1965, married Charlotte Augusta Gerhardt. This couple had 3 children; Gwendoline 28 Sep 1916 - 1956, Roland Kincaid b.1920 and Donald Kincaid 16 Aug 1929. Donald married Joy Scheepers and they had 3 children; Leonard, Gary & Mark Kincaid.
Mildred Constance Kincaid 10 Aug 1891
Charles Henry Kincaid 24 Sep 1894, married Enid Audrey Holmes (Enid was born in Rockhampton Qld 4 May 1901)
Gwendoline Jessie Holmes Kincaid 31 Oct 1897.

The information re John Robert Kincaid and his descendants became available from a NAAIRS document 'The Kincaid family in South Africa' and a list of Kincaid births and marriages purchased from GISA. Leonard Kincaid (son of Donald and Joy - see 3 above) who still resides in South Africa, has confirmed all of the above for me also advising he has 2 sons, Mark Douglas Kincaid and Luke Richard Kincaid who also reside in South Africa.

Thomas Hardie Kincaid born 16 Feb 1849 to Thomas William Kincaid and Elizabeth Catherine Barrett in Stepney, Ratcliff County of Middlesex. His death certificate shows he died on 3 Feb 1829 in Rotherhithe, County of London as witnessed by his daughter Julia Charlotte Howes, nee Kincaid.

I am unsure who actually raised Thomas Hardie Kincaid after his mother died in 1850 and his father Thomas William Kincaid left the UK to continue his travels and ultimately end up in Australia. Thomas Hardie Kincaid is mentioned on only one of his half siblings Australian birth records, and was not listed on his father's Australian death certificate.

Thomas Hardie married Sarah Ann Drake in 1867, and after her death married Elizabeth Abel in 1898. Thomas and Sarah had five children;
Julia Charlotte Kincaid 1868-1934
William Henry Brooks Kincaid 1870-1943
Sarah Catherine Kincaid 1873-1911
Eliza Elizabeth Kincaid 1878-
Annie Brooks Kincaid 1883-1883
Thomas William Brooks Kincaid 1885 - (date of death unconfirmed). Thomas married Alice May Springall and this couple had 6 children, the youngest being Eric David Hardie Kincaid (children's illustrator and Artist. Eric also did the artwork for Bill Kincaid in his book, This I'll Defend - The Story of the Kincaids). These details have been confirmed with Eric's daughter Ann Taylor (nee Kincaid) and his son David Kincaid in the UK.

(Further details available if required).