DNA #35915 C-2


Posted July 26, 2005
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#35915 Group C set 2
Participant: Robert Bruce Kinkade
Researcher: Ruth Cherecwich


Robert Bruce Kinkade
George Samuel Kinkade Jr 1923-1988
George Samuel Kindade 1900-1991
Albert Gallatin Kinkade Jr 1867-1962
Albert Gallatin Kindade 1824-1914
George Wilson Kinkade ~1782-1848
Samuel Kinkade ~1752-1834
George Kinkead ~1726-1856



Robert Bruce Kinkade

Son of George Samuel Kinkade, Jr.

Proven by Birth Certificate giving George Samuel as father


George Samuel Kinkade Jr b. 02 May 1923 Maple Grove, Edwards Co, IL d. 18 Dec 1988 Woodstown, Salem Co, NJ

Son of George Samuel Kinkade & Esther Davis

Proven by death certificate of George Samuel Jr.’s giving George S. as father
Proven by 1930 census listing of this family with George Samuel Jr as a son to George Samuel


George Samuel Kinkade b. 07 Oct 1900 Madison, Richland Co, IL d. 17 Apr 1991 Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL md. Esther Davis about 1921

Son of Albert Gallatin Kinkade, Jr. & Jane Thomason

Proven by birth Certificate for George Samuel giving Albert as his father
Proved by death certificate for George Samuel giving Albert as his father


Albert Gallatin Kinkade Jr b. 08 July 1867 Denver, Richland Co, IL d. 29 Dec 1962 Parkersburg, Richland Co, IL md. 02 Jul 1889 Parkersburg, Richland Co, IL Jane Thomson, b. 01 Jun 1858 Parkersburg, Richland Co, IL d. 1913

Son of Albert Gallatin Kinkade & Nancy Sarah Kirkwood

Proven by Albert Jr.’s death certificate giving Albert as his father
Proven by Albert Jr.’s return of marriage giving Albert as his father


Albert Gallatin Kinkade, b. 10 Dec 1824 Lawrence County, IL d. 18 May 1914 Near Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co, IL md. 05 May 1852 Lawrenceville, Lawrence, IL
Nancy Sarah Kirkwood, b. 11 Mar 1835 Westfield, Chautauqua Co, NY d. 20 Nov 1911 Richland County, IL

Son of George Wilson Kinkade & Sarah McCallister

Proven by death certificate of Albert giving George Wilson as his father


George Wilson Kinkade, b. about 1782 PA d. 22 Oct 1848 Lawrence or Richland County, IL md. 05 Jun 1807 Henderson County, KY
Sarah McCallister, b. about 1786 d. 01 Nov 1830
Son of Samuel Kinkade & Elizabeth Wilson

Proven by September 25, 1790 - Samuel Kinkade along with Patrick Allison and Theophelus Philips appeared before Alexander McClure in Fayette County, Pennsylvania to prove the Will of George Wilson.

Proven by Virginia Soldiers of 1776, Volume 1, pg. 780-786 – George W. Kinkade signed Power of Attorney in 1832 as representative of heirs to Elisabeth Wilson, in the estate of Col.
George Wilson relating to land warrants. Warrants issued in 1833 and divided thus: 1st, the shares of George W. Kinkade, Elizabeth and Phoebe Pottinger, Nancy Orr and Alcy Miller, to be embraced in one warrant, and the shares of Mrs. McCallister and Mrs. Mary Ann Patterson in another.

Proven by Samuel Kinkade and wife Elizabeth Wilson are mentioned in the Will of Col. George Wilson; Samuel was also a witness to the Will.


Samuel Kinkade, b. about 1752 in PA, NJ, NY or VA d. 21 Dec 1834 Lawrence County, IL md. about 1775 Elizabeth Wilson, b. about 1752

Son of George Kinkead & Elizabeth Dean

Proven by The Preston Papers - "1756, February - George Kinkead, at Jackson River, killed;. . . . Mrs. Kinkead and 3 children, at Jackson River, prisoners."

Proven by Augusta County, Virginia Will Book 2, Page 166-7: November 17, 1756 John Dean along with William Dean and Jno Dickinson posted a bond of five hundred pounds as the Administrator of the estate of George Kingkade.

Proven by "The Monongahela of Old; or, Historical Sketches of South-Western Pennsylvania to the year 1800" by James Veech. In bio of Col. George Wilson, Elizabeth is the wife of Samuel Kincade.

Proven by second marriage of Elizabeth Dean to Paul Larsh “. . . . Mr. Paul Larche, son of Paul Larche, master cobbler, and of Angelique le Beuf, lawful spouses, residing at Montreal, of the one part, and Allise d'Ainne, daughter of Ouillaume Dean and of Sara Chamel,** lawful spouses, inhabitants of New York, of the other part. . . .” ** Judge Douglas' surmises on the spelling of these English names are: Alice Dean, William Dean and Sara Campbell." NOTE: It is believed that Judge Douglas erred in the translation of Allise. Elise is the French variation of the name Elizabeth which is the name seen in many records including the Will of Paul Larsh.

Proven by 1783 census of Springhill, Westmoreland, PA; Samuel Kinkead, Paul Larsh, and son Charles Larsh enumerated all as owners of property.

Proven by 1785 census of Springhill, Fayette, PA; Samuel Kinkade, Paul Larsh and son Charles Larsh enumerated all as owners of property.

Proven by 1786 census of Springhill, Fayette, PA; Samuel Kinkaide, Paul Larsh and son Charles Larsh enumerated all as owners of property.

Proven by “A Short Account of the Quinn, West, Lacy, Pottenger, Kinkade and Wilson Families by E. F. L. Quinn – details the story of Elizabeth Dean Kinkead being captured and remarried. Also mentions Samuel as the son of Geo. Kinkead along with a brother William, both of whom were not captured.

Proven by Harrison County, Kentucky Court Record Books Book A October 1798 – Charles Larsh, with Sarah Kinkade (widow of John Kinkade) and son John Kinkade posted their Bond in the Penalty of one Thousand pounds Conditioned for securing the minor Orphans of Nancy, Elcy, William and Samuel’s estate and indemnifying the Court. Sarah and John appointed guardians.


George Kinkade, b about 1726 d. 13 Sep 1756 Jackson River, Augusta Co., VA md. Elizabeth Dean b. about 1730 d. after 17 Nov 1792