DNA #49289

posted March 6, 2009

DNA #49289
Group/set A-1a Fayette
Participant: Ronal(d) L. Kincaid
Researcher: Bob Arnott (nephew of participant)


(Original Vetted by Leslie M. Revised and expanded post by Bob Arnott as original not available to Kincaid list.)

Vetting Ronald L. Kincaid to George Washington Kincaid


Ronald L. Kincaid
Willie Homer Kincaid 1889-1930
George William Kincaid 1850-1906
George Washington Kincaid 1818-1898



Son of Willie H. Kincaid & Minnie Florence Caldwell Kincaid

Proven by:

Index and Register of Births- Roane County, W. Va. Page 62-7 for Ronald L. Kincaid
Date of Birth August 27, 1927 parents given as Wm H. Kincaid age 37 oil worker and Minnie F. Caldwell age 37

1930 Census for Roane County West Virginia Spencer Magisterial District Spencer Corporation Sheet 8A Household 215-
William H. Kincaid (head) 40 yrs.
Minnie F. (wife)40 yrs.
Hubert (brother)21 yrs.
Hobert (brother)19 yrs.
Macel (sister and mother of Researcher)18 yrs.
Hiram (brother)14 yrs.
Bernada (sister)11 yrs.
Imogene (sister)7 yrs.
Pearl (sister)6 yrs.
Donal (brother)4 yrs.
Ronal (participant, 2 ½ yrs.)
Anna (sister)1 yr.

Participant knew his mother and older siblings who acknowledged him as her child by Willie H. Kincaid.


Willie Homer Kincaid b. August 30, 1889 Roane Co. WVA d. August 4, 1930 State Hospital, Kanawha Co. WVA m. September 3, 1906 to Minnie Florence Caldwell

Son of George William Kincaid & Lula Burke Kincaid

Proven by:

West Virginia State Department of Health Certificate of Death 18274 for Willie Homer Kincaid. Residence Spencer (Roane Co.) WVA Date of birth Aug 30, 1889, oil field labour, wife Florence Caldwell, father Wm Kincaid born WVA, mother Lulla Burke b WVA

1920 Census for Roane County West Virginia Smithfield Magisterial District (Part) Sheet 9A, Dwelling/Family 162
Willie H. Kincaid, 30 yrs.
Florence M. (wife) 29 yrs.
Hubert (son) 11 yrs.
Hobert (son) 9 yrs.
Lula M. (daughter) 8 yrs.
Hiram (son) 3 yrs.
Molissa(sic) (daughter) 1 yr.

1910 Census Roane County West Virginia Smithfield District Sheet 13A, Dwelling 199/Family 203
Willie H. Kincaid 20 yrs.
Minnie F. (wife)20 yrs.
Hubert B. (son) 1 7/12 yrs.

1900 Census Roane County West Virginia Smithfield District Sheet 5 Dwelling/Family 82
William Kincaid 50 yrs.
Louisa J. (wife) 42 yrs.
Robert C. (son) 14 yrs.
Stella G. (daughter) 12 yrs.
Willie H. (son) 10 yrs.
Pearl S. (daughter) 6 yrs.

(Note: all but Pearl were personally known by Researcher in his youth)


George William Kincaid b. January 5, 1850 Fayette Co. VA d. September 19, 1906 Roane Co. WVA m. February 16, 1878 Roane Co. WVA Lula J. Burke

Son of George Washington Kincaid & Mary Catherine Campbell

Proven by:

Register of Marriages Roane County, W. Va. 1878 line 15 for George W Kincaid age 26 b Fayette Co. and Lulu Burke age 19 b Roane Co. Parents of groom given as G.W. and Mary C. Kincaid

1890 Census Roane Co. WVA- Non-existent

1880 Census Roane County West Virginia Smithfield District Page 9, Dwelling/Family 69
George W. Kincaide (sic) 62 yrs.
Mary K. (wife) 54 yrs.
Francis E. (daughter) 15 yrs.
__________ (son) 7 yrs.
Rufus (son) 29 yrs.
+ three unrelated residents
(Note: Daniel E. Campbell (83 yrs.) remains adjacent at Dwelling/Family 70 with in addition to himself, his wife Catherine D. (81 yrs.) and granddaughter Sarah (16 yrs.))
1880 Census Roane County West Virginia Smithfield District Page 9, Dwelling/Family 72
Wm. G. Kincaide(sic) 28 yrs.
Louisa J. (wife)22 yrs.
Albert H. (son) 1 yr. (stricken with died annotation)

1870 Census Roane County West Virginia Smithfield Township, Page 16, Dwelling 103/Family 113
G. W. Kincaid 53 yrs.
Mary C. (wife) 45 yrs.
Daniel T. (son) 20 yrs.
George W. (son) 16 yrs.
Virginia M. (daughter) 15 yrs.
Rufus A. (son) 14 yrs.
Sarah M. (daughter) 12 yrs.

1860 Census for Roane County West Virginia page 111(?), Dwelling and Family number 459
Geo. W. Kincaid (head)42 yrs.
Mary C. Kincaid (wife) 32 yrs.
Daniel T. (son) 11 yrs.
George W. (son) 10 yrs.
Virginia (daughter)7 yrs.
Rufus A. (son)5 yrs.
Samuel W. (son)3 yrs.
Sarah M. (daughter)1 yr.
(Note: once again Daniel E. Campbell (63 yrs.) family is adjacent family 460 and appears to have followed George W. from Fayette to Roane County.
Included in this household are- Catherine, 65 yrs., Sarah R., 15 yrs., Isabell,10 yrs. And Elizabeth F., 6 yrs.)

Birth and Death Dates from Tombstone in Pem Lowe Cemetery Roane County W.Va.


George Washington Kincaid b. April 18, 1818 d. February 18, 1898 m. December 9, 1845 to Mary Catherine Campbell

1850 Census Fayette County West Virginia 14th. District page 334(?) Dwelling/Household 53
George Kincaid 33 yrs. (farmer)
Mary C. (wife) 24 yrs.
Mary C. Jr. (daughter)3 yrs.
Danl Thos (son)1 yr.

Household 52
Daniel E. Campbell, 53 yrs. (father-in-law of George W. Kincaid)
Catherine, 49 yrs.
Francis M., 15 yrs.
Augustus V., 13 yrs.
C. A., 10 yrs.
Sarah R.,5 yrs.)

Fayette County Marriage Register page 38 George Kincaid to Catharine Campbell December 9th, 1845 by Rev Bibb

Birth and Death Dates from tombstone Roane County, W. Va

Possibly son of Thomas Kincaid & Polly Davis as stated in the History of Roane County West Virginia 1774-1927 by William H. Bishop, esq., Spencer, WV, 1927, 711 pages. This document states on page 573- "George Washington Kincaid and his wife, Cathrin (Campbell, daughter of Daniel Campbell), who were married in Fayette County, Western Virginia, with their three first born children, came to Roane County in the year 1856."

Vetting confirmed to Thomas & Polly Davis, see #152189