DNA #5803 A-3


Posted: Nov 27, 2009

Brian Duane Kincade
DNA #5803 A-3


Brian Duane Kincade
Alexander John Frank Kincade 1891-1960
Francis Alexander Kincade 1859-1937
John Harper Kinkead 1827-1891
William Kinkead 1786-1849



Brian Duane Kincade b. Dec. 14, 1923 Butler Co. Poplar Bluff MO.

Son of Alexander John Frank Kincade & Ruth Lackey.

Proven by:

Birth certificate: State of Missouri, Bureau of Vital Statistics File #57393, Register No. 313, Poplar Bluff, Butler Co. MO. naming father as Alexander John Frank Kincade, naming mother as Ruth M. Lackey.

1930 Federal census Seymour City, Ward 4, Jackson Co. IN. Series T626 Roll 594 Page 172.
Kincade, Alexander age 38, IN
Ruth M. age 39, IN
Virginia age 14, IN
Brian D. age 6, IN (error) MO.

Life knowledge: Brian Duane Kincade knew his parents and their siblings and was acknowledged as their son and nephew.


Alexander John Frank Kincade b. July 24, 1891, Washington Twp. Allen Co. Ft.Wayne IN.died Nov. 17, 1960 Long Beach City, CA. m. Feb. 10, 1915, Ruth M. Lackey,Ft. Wayne IN.Son of Francis Alexander Kincade & Mary Eliza McDaniel

Proven by:Death certificate:

State of California Dept. of Public Health, City of LongBeach Registration#7052 Cert. #246 dated November 17, 1960. Name of deceased: Alexander FrankKincade,informant: Virginia (Kincade) Ranck, daughter. Father FrancisAlexander Kincade, mother Mary McDaniel.Alexander John Frank Kincade wasburied at sea.1900 Federal census Washington Twp. Allen Co. Ft. Wayne IN. Series T623 Roll358 Page 190.Frank A. Kincade age 41, OHMary E. age 51, KY.Woodford I. age 14, INAvaJean age 10, IN.Alexander J. age 9, INLife knowledge: Brian Duane Kincade knew his grandparents and wasacknowledged as their grandson.


Francis Alexander Kincade b. May 2, 1859, Perry Twp. Columbiana Co. Salem,OH.died March 14, 1937, Allen Co. Ft. Wayne IN. m.1882 Mary Eliza McDanielFt. Wayne IN.Son of John Harper Kinkade & Mary Ann Miller.

Proven by:1870 Federal census Plain Twp. Kosciosco Co. IN. Series M593 Roll 332 Page399.
Kincade John H. age 43, PA.
Mary A. age 41, PA.
Amanda age 24, PA.
Abby (Sarah) age 18, PA.Clarissa age 16, OH.
Francis age 11, OH.
John J. age 7, OH.

1860 Federal census Perry Twp. Columbiana Co. Salem, OH. Series M653 Roll948 Page 106.
John Kinkade age 33, PA.
Mary A. age 31, PA.
Amanda J. age 10. PA.
Sara A. age 8, PA.
Clarissa E. age 7, OH
Francis A. age 1, OH.
1830 Federal census Washington Twp. Allen Co. Ft. Wayne IN. Series T626 Roll574 Page 52.
Kincade Frank A. age 71, OH
Nancy (2nd wife) age 75, OH.

Certificate of Death: Department of Health, Allen Co. Ft. Wayne IN. FrancisA. Kincade, died March 14, 1937. Born Columbiana Co. Ohio. Father John H. Kinkead b. PA.

Burial Listing: Francis A. Kincade, d. 14 March 1937: interned 16 March1937: birth place Columbiana Co. Ohio, last resident Ft. Wayne IN. age 77yr10mo 12d in Kincade plot 350 Section U, Lindenwood Cemetery records. 2324West Main Street, Ft. Wayne IN. 46808.Burial Listing: Mary

Eliza Kincade, d. May 4, 1914; interened May 8, 1914;birth place KY, last resident Ft. Wayne, IN. age 64yr 22d. First wife to Francis A. Kincade. In Kincade Plot 350 Section U. Lindenwood Cemetery.Burial Listing:

John H. Kincade d. March 18, 1891, interned March 22, 1891,birth place Wheatfield Twp. Perry Co. PA. Last resident Washington Twp.Allen Co. IN. Age 64 yr. Wife Mary Ann Kincade died April 10, 1903, internedApril 12,1903, birth place MI. Last residentWashington Twp. Allen Co. IN. Age 74yr 2mo 7d, both interened in KincadePlot 350 Section U, Lindenwood Cemetery, 2324 West Main Street Ft. Wayne IN.


John Harper Kinkead b. 1827 Wheatfield Twp. Perry Co. PA. Died March 18,1891 WashingtonTwp. Allen Co. IN. m. Feb.25, 1849, Mary Ann Miller Perry Co. PA.

Son of William Kinkead & Hannah Bonner.

Proven by:

Tax Records:John H. Kinkead, Wheatfield Twp. Perry Co. Pa. year 1847 single freeman to 1852. Records Perry County Court House, New Bloomfield, PA.

{Note: The following establishes a link between John Harper Kincade &Francis B. Kincade b.1818 Harrisburgh, PA.; d. 4 July 1903 Washington Twp.Allen Co. PA.}

Property Deed: Recorded Allen Co. IN., 29 Nov. 1886, Record 102, Vol 102, pg 423. Francis B.Kincade & Rebecca C. Kincade to John H. Kincade Lot #2 in Henry C Hanna's out lots situated in the West Half of the North East Quarter of Section 36,Twp. 31,Range 12 East, Allen County Indiana.

1880 Federal census Washington Twp. Allen Co. IN. Series T9 Roll 264 Page256 John Kincade age 52, PA. father b. Ireland , mother b. PA.Mary A. age 50, PA.
Francis A. age 21, OH
John J. age 19, OH.
Francis B. age 60, father b. Ireland, mother b. PA.
Rebecca C. age 56, PA..

1860 Federal census Saint Joseph Twp. Allen Co. Ft. Wayne IN. Series M653Roll 243 Page 429
Francis B. Kincaid age 41, PA.
Rebecca age 38, PA.
Jacob age 12, PA.

1850 Federal census Wheatfield Twp. Perry Co, PA. Series M432 Roll 805 Page441 & 442.
Dwelling #268
Francis Kinkead age 32, PA.
William A. age 9, PA.
Susannan Age 6, PA.
Mary C. age 4, PA.
Hannah Toland age 41, PA
John Kinkead age 24, PA
Mary A. age 21, PA.
Amanda age 4/12, PA.
Hannah age 67, PA.

The Pauper School Children List by Harry A. Fadrt, for Wheatfield Twp. Yearof 1827, Perry Co. PA. recorded that Alexander Kinkade age 9 years andFrancis B. Kinkade age 7 were children of William Kinkade. From the PerryHistorians Accession #2268. P.O. Box 73, Newport PA.17074(Note: The ages of Alex and Francis were in error, they were reversed, i.e.Alex 7: Francis 9.The tax records for Francis started in 1839, for Alex in1841.)

The following document is provided to prove that the wife to William Kinkead1785 was Hannah Bonner 1783.Also listed in the Republican Compiler 1800-1832, page 188. This courtaction identifies all the families of his brothers and sisters (see below).Thomas died intestate and in debt thus requiring the disposal of this property to satisfy claims.The April 1831 of Court resolved the disposition of the property. Theproperty (originally in Huntington Twp.) was Initially owned by RobertBonner, the elder, who died intestate in 1770 with the property being passedequally between the six sons and one daughter on March 16, 1781. (Deed BookM409). At a later date, some sublings or their hreis, in the case of death,signed releases to the property such that by 1799 sole ownership rested withThomas and brother Robert. Robert then died intestate in 1825 with his sharesplit into six shares.When Robert died intestats in 1830 disposal of theproperty (now part of Latimore Twp.) was dictated by the Court and propertypassed to Henry Srauffer on March 23,1831 (Deed Book M407). Adams CountyCourt documents dated Tuesday, March 1, 1831. Summons in Partition reads "Henry Stauffer vs 1) Charles Bonner: 2) John Bonner; 3) William Bonner; 4)JohnBlack, Son of Jane Black (late Jane Bonner dec'd); and 5) survivingchildren and heirs of the children of dec'd Francis Bonner II includingWilliam Kincaid and the late Hannah (Bonner), his wife; John Toland andElizabeth (Bonner), his wife: Robert Bonner; Francis Bonner III; also thechildren of Martha McMillan (Bonner), late dec'd wife of William McMillanincluding Susan McMillan, John McMillian, and James Ross McMillian, thegrand son of James Ross; and John Alexander Bonner and Amanda Bonner,children of the deceased Alexander Bonner".Church Records: William Kinkead & Hannah were received by the Duncannon Presbyterian Church per Minutes of the session June 16, 1832, Church Book #1.

1840 Federal census William Kinkead, Wheatfield Twp. Perry Co. PA. SeriesM704 Roll 480 Page 299; 1 male 50<60, 2 males 20<30, 1 male 10<15, 1male <5,1 female 50<60, 1 femal 20<30, 2 female 5<10.

1830 Federal census William Kinkead, Wheatfield Twp. Perry Co. PA. SeriesM19 Roll 156 page 310.1 male 40<50, 1 male 16<20, 2 males 10<15, 1 male5<10, 1 male <5, 1 female 40<50.1 female 15<20.

1820 Federal census, William Kinkead, Rye Twp. Cumberland Co. PA. Series M33Roll 104 Page 347; 1 male 26<45, 1male 18<26, 1 male 10<16, 2 males 1<10, 1female 26<45, 2 females 1<10.

Tax record: William Kinkead, Rye Twp. Cumberland Co. PA. 1820 thru 1825;Wheatfield Twp. 1826 thru 1839; Penn Twp. 1840 thru 1849. Counties changed to Wheatfield to Penn; it indicates William did not move.


William Kinkead b 1786 d 8 March, 1849 m Hannah Bonner

Records Perry Co.Court House, New Bloomfield, PA. 17068 (717) 582-2131.William Kinkead died March 8, 1849, birth place Ireland; last residence,Wheatfield Twp. Perry Co. PA. age 63yr 2mo 14d; buried Duncannon Presbyterian Church at the " Mouth of the Janiata Cemetery" Son of unknown parents, m. Hannah Bonner abt. 1902, Perry Co. PA. b. abt 1783. birth place Huntington Twp. Adams Co. PA.; parents Francis Bonner 1750 and Eve Quillens.

Parents unknown.

What is known:

William Kinkead: 1870 Federal census Series M593 Roll 332 Page 399 PlainTwp. Kosciosco Co. IN. Specifies that Kincade John H. father was a foreigner. 1880 Federal census Series T9 Roll 264 Page 256 Washington Twp.Allen Co. IN. Specifies that the birthplace for William Kinkead father ofJohn H. Kincade & Francis B. Kincade was Ireland and their mother Hannah in PA.The Bonner & Toland familes originate from the Huntington Twp. Area of AdamsCo. PA. from the1700's and through marrage one Bonner line and one Toland line ended up inthe Perry Co. area in the early 1800's with the Kinkead's; that is HannahBonner to William Kinkead and Charollet Toland to Francis B. Kinkead(Williams son ). William's first appearance was in Rye Twp. Cumberland the 1820's. Consequently you'll find Kinkeads Tolands and Bonners in thearea of Duncannon, and the Twp's of Rye, Wheatfield and Penn; all cousins.The records of the Duncannon Presbyterian Church show that the Kinkead,Bonner, Toland, and Holland familes were members of this church indicatingthat they were social friends. William Kinkead along with his family residedin the Sherman Valley area originally defined as Rye Twp.Cumberland Co .renamed to Wheatfield Twp. to Penn Twp. in Perry Co.from1820 to 1852. Williams parents and siblings to date have not been identified; however his known life was spent in this area where otherKinkeads were successful land owners. It appears that William did notobtain property but rented. All three boys Francis B., Alexander R., andJohn H. lived in this area untilled married. Hannah Bonner Kinkead time and place of death is unknown. Being a Bonner she may be buried in HuntingtonTwp. Adams Co. PA. in the York Springs Presbyterian Cemetery.

Additional information about Francis B. and Alexander R. Kinkead.Francis B. first wife was Charollet Toland b. abt 1819, mother Mary Tolandb. 14 July 1800, father Issac Toland. Charollet's children were William A.1841, Susannan1844, Mary C. 1846,and Haddy E. 1850. To confirm the family connections; buried next to Mary Toland in theYork Springs Presbyterian Cemetery is a stone which reads " Haddy E. Kincadeinfant daughter Of Francis B. & Charollet T died July 25, 1850 age 0y 4m 0d.Per 1850 census, Hannah Toland, Charollets sister joined Francis B. familyto assist with theraising of the remaining three children. It appears that Charollet died following the birth of Haddy.There is no record to- date of when Charollet died or where she isinterned.Francis B. second wife was Rebecca C. (Weitzell) b. 9 Dec.1822, d.April 9, 1899; m.1851 Perry Co. PA. The 1860 census shows Francis & Rebecca with a Jacob Kincade assumed to be her son from a previous marrage. Jacob is interened in the Kincade cemetery plot at Ft. Wayne IN.Tax Records: Francis Kinkead/ Kincade, Wheatfield Twp. Perry Co. PA. freeman 1839; Penn Twp.1840 thru 1845; Wheatfield Twp. 1847 thru 1852; Perry County Court Houserecords, New Bloomflield, PA.

Burial Listing: Frank B. Kincade, d. July 4,1903, interned July 6, 1903, birth place Harrisburg, PA., Age 85 yr. Second wife Rebecca C. Kincade died April 9, 1899, interned April 11,1899, birth placePA. age 76yr 3 mo 21d. Both Frank & Rebecca interned in Plot 189 Section U, Lindenwood CemetaryRecords, 2324 West Main Street, Ft. Wayne IN. 46808 (206)432-4542.

Alexander R. Kinkead b. 1820 Rye Twp. Perry Co. PA. died 15 Nov. 1855, AllenCo. OH. Internedunknown. Alexander R. purchased some 15 acres in Penn Twp.Sherman Valley in 1849, married Harriet Raver in 1851 and in early 1852 theyleft heading west.Church Records: Duncannon Presbyterian Church Book #1, marrage records byRev. H. Hanson,March 15, 1851, Alexander Kincade to Harriet Raver. Tax Records: AlexanderR. Kinkead wagonmaker, single freeman, year 1841 thru 1849 Penn Twp.Perry Co. PA. Records Perry County Court House , New Bloomfield, PA.Property Deed: Joseph Young to Alexander R. Kincade; Perry Co. Deed Book O.p 142.Perry Co. PA. Deed dated 1 Sept. 1849 for a lot of groung and a housethereon containing about Fifteen acres in Wheatfield Twp. Perry Co. PA. Located on the old state roadleading from NewportTo Petersburg at the crossroads near James Ogles, within one mile of thePennsylvana Rail Road.Petition: A letter to the Orphans Court of Perry Co. PA. from HarrietKincade of Allen Co. Ohio, Stating that her husband Alexander R. Kincade died intestate and insolventon 15 Nov. 1855.

A Thomas Duncon took out letters of Administration in PA. to sell saidestate for payment of debt owed. Property Deed: Thomas Duncon Administratorof Alexander R. Kincade to Magdaline Hanke; Deed Book W Reel 1 Orphin'sCourt, approval 7 April 1857, recorded 10 Jan.1865.

Early in 1852 John H. Kinkead went to work for the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne, &Chicago Rail Road. Jon H. followed the development of the rail road routeand in Salem Ohio area purchased property In 1861. In 1870 John and familywere in Kosciosko Co. IN. In 1880 the family moved to Ft. Wayne IN. wherethey spent the rest of their life. John worked for the rail road for 12years after leaving PA. Francis B. also left Perry Co. PA. early in 1852,following the same general route that his brother John H. pursued. The lastlocation for both brothers was in the 1870 census at Ft. Wayne IN. whereboth family's remained for the rest of their lives.